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Everything you ever wanted to know about personal car leasing - with a little help from Parkers.

We're pretty new, but we're part of Zenith, and they've been leasing fleets of cars to big businesses for the last thirty years. Well, we didn't see why companies should get all the fun. It's good to get a second opinion (even when you're as mad about cars as us). When we want to know anything about a new car, we talk to Parkers. They're the UK's most trusted site for new and used car reviews, don't you know. And they've got their head screwed on about personal car leasing too.

What is Personal Contract Hire (PCH) and how does it work?

Searching for the lowest monthly payments for your next car? Leasing could be the best way to get the car you want for a monthly payment you can afford. Car leasing essentially works like long-term car rental. You simply make an upfront ‘initial payment’ followed by a series of monthly payments…

Can I get out of my Personal Car Lease early?

Sign up for a car lease and you’re committed to paying for the car for the duration of the contract – regardless of whether your circumstances change. That means it’s important to think about whether the model you’re considering will suit your needs for the entire length of the agreement…

How to get your monthly lease car costs down

Car leasing can seem baffling, but if you understand what you’re paying for, it’s easy to get the best deal for your needs. Not only might you be able to get a much more desirable car than you think possible, but you could potentially reduce the monthly payments further…

Personal Car leasing: how to avoid extra charges

Leasing a car is a great way to get a desirable vehicle for an affordable monthly payment. However, as leasing works a bit like long-term car rental, you never own the vehicle. This means it’s your responsibility to keep the car in good condition and within the mileage allowance specified…

How to avoid end-of-lease excess mileage charges

Car leasing is an affordable way to put a new car on the drive every few years. Remember, though, that you never own the car and will have to hand it back at the end of the contract. Keep the car in good condition, regularly serviced and within the mileage allowance…

What is fair wear and tear when returning a lease car?

Ordering a new lease car is an exciting process where you often find your money stretches much further than you thought. Rather than getting another £26,000 Ford Mondeo, you could potentially get an equivalent £40,000 Audi A5 Sportback for less per month…

Car leasing: how it can give you the lowest upfront payments

The larger the deposit, the smaller the monthly payments when financing a new car. Since most people can’t afford to put down thousands, however, financing a new car is a balancing act between paying less upfront and less per month. Leasing typically lets you put down as little…

Personal Car Leasing: should I add maintenance?

Looking for the simplest way to run a brand new car? Leasing lets you get behind the wheel of a new car every few years with low upfront costs and affordable monthly payments – plus a couple of optional extras that take the stress out of running a car…

Personal Car Leasing – Key Information from ZenAuto

We have put together this key information summarising the main features of the hire agreement together with some additional helpful information we believe it is useful for you to know. Please contact us if you have any questions as we are always happy to help...

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