The Green Car Cross Code

EV Road Safety? Check!

With more electric vehicles on the roads than ever before, it’s super important that we all learn to look out for them when crossing the road. They sound a little different to traditional cars and can accelerate faster.

We’ve developed the Green Car Cross Code, supported by the UK’s largest road safety charity – Brake. Once you've watched our video and read the steps below, you can take our quiz to test your knowledge further down the page.

Let’s all stay safe and enjoy a sustainable future! Ready? Let’s go.

Road safety for teens

We’re not only equipping our youngest road users with vital EV road safety knowledge; we’re also focused on helping teenagers stay safe too. Teens are often out and about with their friends and face many distractions when crossing the road, so it’s vital that we prepare them for the EV era.

We understand the importance of teaching road safety in a fun and engaging way to get teens on board, that’s why we’ve created a graphic novella to bring a fresh approach to road safety. Ready? Let’s go!

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The Green Car Cross Code Quiz

The Green Car Cross Code Quiz

It’s time to test your knowledge, to see if you’ve graduated from the EV road safety college!

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The Green Car Cross Code Quiz

The Green Car Cross Code - Supported by Brake

The Green Car Cross Code gives you all the tips and information you need when crossing the road in our new EV world…


Please find all the steps below, or download a copy of the Green Car Cross Code.

The Green Car Cross Code Steps

The Green Car Cross Code Steps

1. STOP!

First find the safest place to cross – make sure it’s clear from any vehicles or charging points and cables that might obstruct you. Stand on the pavement near the kerb.


Look all around for traffic and listen extra carefully for electric vehicles - which can be very quiet or sometimes don’t sound like a car at all.


If traffic is coming, let it pass.


Keep your eyes and ears on the road and be extra careful because electric vehicles are often capable of accelerating faster than other cars.


When it is safe, go straight across the road – do not run or walk diagonally.


Get across safely.

Supported by Brake

Mary Williams, OBE, at Brake said:

Mary Williams - Brake
“By engaging children and young people with key road safety issues, and helping them speak out about the need for safe and healthy journeys, we can make our communities safer, help people to live active lifestyles, and stop needless tragedies before they happen. We’re pleased to support the work of our corporate partner ZenAuto to help schools and parents talk to children about how to cross roads safely.”