Fully customisable cars

With our fully customisable cars (AKA factory orders) you can design your dream ride – from the sleek interior trim to the aggressive alloys – it’s time to put your stamp on things. Just spec your wheels, build your lease, and order your car all from your phone.

So, what is a factory order?

A factory order lease works practically the same as one of our stock car leases. What differs is the spec and range of cars available to you, as well as the time you’ll be waiting to get it. Let’s go over the basics together.

The difference between factory order and stock car deals

When you lease a fully customisable car from us, AKA a factory order deal, the order process is pretty much the same as when you lease an 'in stock' car. You’ll choose your terms, fill out a credit application, sign the agreement and be ready and waiting for your new car day just like you expected.

There are just a couple key differences between a factory order and stock car lease:

Customisable car lease

Our factory order cars are supplied based on your chosen options and specification by the manufacturer when you order from us. This ensures you get to drive your dream car, tailor-made to your needs. From the alloys to the interior trim, it’ll all be chosen by you.

More car leasing options

Before you even get to customising you car, you might have a job on just trying to pick one from our factory order selection! ZenAuto picks the most popular cars to feature in our stock range, but you can always find a wide variety of different specs and more unique models as part of our factory order range.

Factory order lease lead times

The extra freedom you get during ordering also comes with an additional wait for your car. Most of our in stock lease deals are available within 4-6 weeks, but a factory order car is usually built to your specifications. It is likely you will have to wait a bit longer for a factory order lease deal to arrive. That might be something you’re perfectly ready to do to get that dream car you’ve always wanted!

ZenAuto is all about giving you the options you need to make the most of your lease. So whether you’re a BMW fanatic looking for the very latest model in your favourite colour, or just need a little extra time to sell your old car before your new one arrives, there’s always a factory order waiting for you.


Our factory orders

Three reasons to lease a factory order

Spec your car, your way

You’re not like everyone else, so why should your car be? Whether it’s a spacious Volvo for the whole gang or a nippy little BMW for all the driving thrills, you can customise your car to your exact specifications (within reason of course – we can’t make it fly!). 

Get the latest model

With a factory order you’ll get access to all the newest models and reg plates. So, you could be driving around in the latest and greatest wheels about. Want to make your neighbours really jealous? Lease one of our shiny factory order cars today and level up your driveway.

Time to sort your old car

Since a factory order is built just for you, you might have to wait a little longer for it. This means you’ll have time to sort a new home for your current car (our pals at Carwow can help with this) and get sorted for your new one.