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Sell My Car

Looking to get some new wheels with us but don’t want the hassle of selling your current ones?

Choose carwow for the free, easy way to shift your old motor. Get 3,000+ dealers across the UK bidding on your car!

Sell your car in 3 simple steps

1. Tell carwow all about your car

Just upload some basic car details, a few photos of your car and, as if by magic, start receiving FREE car valuations from the comfort of your sofa. Plus, it only takes a couple of mins – we said it was easy.


2. Compare car offers from over 3,000 dealers

Carwow’s network of nationwide dealers will compete to buy your car in an auction. There’ll be no more faffing about trying to get rid of your old wheels, just a quick and blooming brilliant deal!

3. Easy payment, easy collection

Once the auction ends, your car will be sold to the winning dealer. They'll arrange a convenient time to collect your car and pay on collection day.

Why sell your car with carwow?

They'll find the best price for your car

Carwow will check through the bids to find you the best one, so you don’t have to waste time hunting around for the best price. Then, when you lease your new car with us, you’ll never have the pain of selling one again. Sounds dreamy, right?

Sell your car with a trustworthy third party

Carwow offer an alternative option to a private sale. As long as you’ve provided an honest account of your car’s condition – with the photos and description that you upload – they’ll give you a realistic valuation which won’t be bartered down later. 

Do it from the comfort of your sofa

It’s the no fees, no faff way to sell your used car. Carwow do all the work and you get all the money – result! Once sold, the dealer will contact you to arrange payment and free home collection. Do it the carwow way.

Shift your car even with outstanding finance

This depends on which type of finance you have. A Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Hire Purchase (HP) plan may work, but leasing/Personal Contract Hire (PCH) agreements are off the table. Be sure to read the FAQs below for more info. 

How much can I sell my car for?

Exactly how much you can sell your car for is determined by several factors.

The most obvious one is the model of your car. The price you get will largely depend on how valuable it is.

Another big factor is the car’s condition. The better the state of the car, the more it’s worth.

Aside from these, there are a few easy things you can do to maximise your car’s listing and get yourself the best deal.

Take good quality pics of your car

The photos you upload are an opportunity to really show your car off.

A car that’s got a few scrapes but is staged with pictures clearly showing the damage may get a dealer’s attention more than a car in perfect condition that’s been listed with some bad images.

Provide as much info as possible

Honesty is always the best policy!

Be sure to provide as much info (and receipts) as possible on your car’s service history as well. Strong service history shows your car has been given the TLC it needs, which can add lots of value!


Terms & Conditions

ZenAuto have no affiliation with the carwow Sell My Car service. We are not responsible for it in any way and therefore cannot take any responsibility for your experience of using it.

The Sell My Car service belongs entirely to carwow who are a trusted partner of ZenAuto.

No personal data will be shared with carwow. Please find carwow’s contact details here including their phone number, email address and opening hours. 

To understand how carwow will use your personal data, please refer to carwow’s privacy policy and to carwow’s terms and conditions


Selling your car FAQs