Business leasing explained

With business car leasing you, and your awesome team, can drive a shiny new car every few years and even claim the VAT back. Whether you have a recruitment company or a photography business – you want a BMW business lease or a Tesla business lease – we’re here to do everything for you, so you can just focus on your day job!

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What is business car leasing?

Business car leasing enables a business to lease a car, at a fixed monthly cost and for a set period all whilst claiming up to 100% of the VAT back.

With a ZenAuto business lease you can order your ride completely online. Then, when your car’s delivered, the business pays monthly for it, and you get to swap it for a new one every 2 to 4 years.

Business Leasing Explained - BCH Volkswagen

Benefits of business leasing

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    spec your car your way
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  • Easy, tax efficient car leasing

    Flexible terms to suit your business

    Hassle free maintenance

  • Great news! If your business is VAT registered, you can claim part of the VAT back on the monthly lease payments. When the car is used solely for business purposes you can claim 100% back and 50% for personal use too.

    You have all the flexibility to build a lease that works for you and your business. You set your own mileage, length of lease, initial payment, and monthly payment.

    Keep your team moving by opting for our VIP maintenance package and spread the cost of MOTs, servicing, and tyre TLC. Plus, you can book your MOTs/services in minutes via our online portal and choose from our network of trusted garages!


Business car lease deals

Limited stock! - All-Electric Cupra Hatchback


169kW e-Boost V2 58kWh 5dr Auto - Vapor Grey
per month inc VAT

Delivery Time

7-8 weeks

Initial Payment
Contract length
Annual Mileage
5000 mil
Good range figure


230kW Design 83kWh 4dr Auto
per month inc VAT

Delivery Time

Contact us

Initial Payment
Contract length
Annual Mileage
5000 mil

How it works

  • Pick your car
    Decide the lease details
    Sit back and wait for (free) delivery
  • 1. Pick your car

    2. Decide the lease details

    3. Sit back and wait for (free) delivery

  • Spec your car exactly as you like it, or choose one that's ready and waiting. Either way, you'll get a price instantly.

    Tell us how long you want the car, how much you want to pay upfront and how many miles you'll cover. Then we'll sort a monthly lease payment that works for you.

    We’ll deliver your car to your door, free of charge across mainland GB*. When your lease is up, we’ll arrange a convenient time to come pick it up.

So, how do I qualify?

If you want to lease a business car with us there are a few requirements you’ll need to meet before we can get you in the driving seat:

  • Be a Director of a limited company
  • The limited company that you are a Director of must have been trading for 3 or more years; and
  • As a Director you may also be required to be a Guarantor to guarantee the Business Contract Hire and therefore you must be a permanent resident in Mainland GB



Is business leasing right for me?

Good question! We’re all about making the right decision, whatever that may be. If you know you’re going to need a car for work for at least a few years, you’re confident the business can pay the monthly payments for the period of the lease and you like the sound of focusing on your day job whilst the car experts handle everything, then we could be your perfect match.

If you want to talk it through and ask a question or two, you can reach our New Car Consultants on 0113 468 5377 (option 1) or email [email protected]. But remember it’s always best to speak to your accountant or tax advisor too, as they’re the financial experts!

Business leasing guides

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New car, no fuss, choose us

Spec your car, your way

It’s time to put your stamp on things with our fully customisable cars. You have the ultimate control to choose the spec, any optional extras, and the colour of your new car.

We’ll sort the admin

You’re busy, we get it. That’s why there’s no paperwork, all you need to do is sign on the digital dotted line and we’ll sort everything else.

All the important stuff rolled in

Get breakdown cover, road tax, and the manufacturer’s warranty included in your lease. Plus, we’ll deliver the car for free to Mainland GB – legends, we know.

We’re with you every mile along the way

From reminders about when your service is due to getting your P11D figure straight to your inbox for your tax self-assessment, think of us as your car PAs!

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