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We’re talking all things electric over here – we’ve got all the info, support, and cars ready to help you make the switch to an electric vehicle (EV). With nearly 50% of all consumers considering an (EV) for their next car, we’re here to make the swap as smooth as possible.

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Charging your EV

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The EV Driving Experience

Leasing an EV just makes sense!

It’s the more affordable way to get an EV

We know that the initial cost of transitioning to electric can be daunting. So do it the Zen way! Spread the cost with manageable monthly payments. Once you’ve picked your sparkly new EV, you can decide your initial and monthly payment amounts. We’ll even give you a free Ohme home charger with selected EVs - yes please!

And, with a Tesla Model Y starting at around £51,000 to buy outright, leasing an EV is the more affordable way to go green.

You can upgrade and keep up with the latest tech advances

With the electric car industry developing super-fast, EVs are constantly improving and there’s more and more models driving onto the market. The average range on UK EVs has trebled from 74 miles in 2011 to a whopping 257 miles on a single charge in 2022 (based on data from industry trading body SMMT).

Our car plans give you the freedom to upgrade your EV every few years as your contract comes to an end. Want to keep up with this exciting electric era? Just Zen it!

Let us take care of your maintenance

Good news! As there’s fewer moving parts to an EV than petrol or diesel cars, there’s less to go wrong. And to make running an EV even easier you can get that VIP treatment by adding our shiny maintenance package onto your monthly payments.

Let us sort the TLC for your EV!

Do your bit for the planet

Since buying an EV is quite a bit of dosh to put down, spreading the cost with monthly payments might be the easier and quicker way for you to go green. Take a look at our EV deals to find your new wheels!

How green are EVs? Pure electric cars produce no CO2 emissions when driving, unlike their petrol or diesel counterparts. EVs are a great way to reduce air pollution in towns and cities so we can all breathe better air!

You’ll get cracking customer service

We’re here to get you set up in the electric world and every mile along the way after that. When you Zen it you get a team of friendly experts to support you on your sustainable journey. Just have a nosey at our Trustpilot reviews to see for yourself!

If you need a little help deciding which EV to get, our New Car Squad can steer you in the right direction – just give them a ring on 0113 537 8819.

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130kW SE EV 51kWh 5dr - Automatic - Multiple Colours

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