Are there different ways for me to get a new car without buying one outright?

Yes, two common ways are, Personal Contract Hire (PCH) and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP):

  • PCH (Personal Contract Hire) is a lease. We ask you to pay a fixed amount each month, but you never own your car. We like PCH because you usually pay less each month, compared with  PCP. And if you want to upgrade to a newer model when the lease is up, you don't have the hassle of selling your current car first. So, you've got even more time to spec your next new car, just the way you want it. 
  • PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)is a type of hire purchase. Your monthly payments are based on how much the car should be worth at the end of the contract, so it's cheaper than paying for a car on monthly installments. When the contract's up, you have the choice to give the car back or buy it. The final amount you pay for the car will vary a lot from deal to deal. 

PCP deals normally include a road fund licence for the first year, while our PCH leases cover you for the while of the lease. We include breakdown cover too (but you don't get that with every PCH deal, that's a little extra from us).