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  • Pick the award winning Zappi charger, for completely flexible charging at home.
    If you think the best things come in small packages, you’ll love the EO Mini Pro.
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Offers from our friends

Charging your car at home overnight means you always start the day with the equivalent of a full tank. Home chargers range in size, design, power output, app functionality and price so you can find one that’s just right for you (just like your car). We’ve selected a few of our favourites, for you to take a look at.

EO Mini

EO Charging

Meet the EO Mini Pro. It’s super small, it comes in a few different colours and if you’ve ordered your car from us then it’s discounted too.

Enter EO-ZEN when you enquire online here to get your home charging sorted from £545 including installation and the OLEV grant.

Zappi Home Charger


The Zappi home EV charger from Tonik is especially smart if you have solar panels, effectively charging your car for free. Even if you haven’t gone solar (yet), you’ll love the ‘boost’ fast charging function.