Pre-Registered Cars

pre-registered cars explained

When it comes to leasing a new car, there are loads of options to choose from. One option is to go for a ‘pre-registered’ car.

But what on earth does that mean and why would you want to do it?

What are pre-registered cars?

‘Pre-owned’ implies that it’s had another owner but pre-registered has a different meaning.

What it actually means is that the car has been registered already, so while you might not get the latest registration plate, it’s still a new, unused car.

What difference does it make getting a pre-registered car?

The main difference – other than the registration plate - is the warranty, MOT and services. The clock for all of them starts ticking when the car is registered, not when you get it.

This means that the MOT is due on the third anniversary of the vehicle’s registration and will come sooner than if you got a brand new car that was registered around the time your lease started.

This shouldn’t be a problem for you, but it’s worth noting when taking out your lease because it could mean, for example, needing to get an MOT done before returning the car to us at the end of a three-year lease.

Something else to consider is that a pre-registered car is already made, so what you see is what you get. The advantage to this is that it’s pre-loaded with a great spec and is already here in the UK, so it’s ready to drive away!

If customisation is important to you, you might find it tricky to get a pre-registered car that’s exactly as you want it.

Are pre-registered cars cheaper?

From us, yes. A pre-registered car will be cheaper than a car we need to order specifically for you.

You’re also likely to get a car that is ready to be delivered really quickly, because it’s already built, it’s in the UK and ready to go.

So, leasing a pre-registered car offers you the best of both worlds; you’re getting a car that is essentially brand new while making the kinds of savings you might get from buying or leasing a lower spec car.

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