Hybrid vs EV

Hybrid vs EV Differences - Two cars parked face to face

So, you’re swapping your wheels for a greener option, but you’re not sure whether to drive away a hybrid or an EV. Let’s compare the two.

The key difference is how each vehicle is powered. An all electric car like the BMW iX runs on an electric motor alone, while a hybrid like the Nissan Juke runs on a combination of electrical energy and petrol.

Yes, the word hybrid conjures up mythical images but in reality, it simply means a vehicle that has a petrol engine that works in partnership with an electric motor.

A big factor that sets EVs and hybrids apart is charging. An EV runs purely on a battery, which means charging it up regularly both at home or on the go, while a hybrid doesn’t require charging from an external source (unless you go for a plug in hybrid which you can choose to plug in if you want to).

Which is Greener?

A hybrid is a greener alternative to a traditional petrol or diesel run car but if you want the most climate friendly option, an EV is the clear winner here, after all, you can’t get lower than zero carbon emissions.

Which is Cheaper?

A hybrid offers low running costs as does an EV but the EV wins extra money saving points as electricity is cheaper than petrol (even if you only top up at charging stations while you’re out and about, rather than at home). EVs also come with several wallet-friendly advantages including no road tax.

What About Range?

The distance you can drive without charging varies from model to model and many EVs now offer a range of more than 250 miles which more than covers most journeys, making EVs a natural fit for most drivers. Of course, with a hybrid, your petrol tank kicks in when the juice runs out. With either a petrol hybrid or an EV, you’ll need to make sure you have enough fuel for your journey or know where to stop to get more.

Am I Better Opting for a Hybrid or an EV?

So, do the scales dip in favour of the EV or the Hybrid? Mercedes, Audi, BMW and many more manufactures are all knocking it out of the park when it comes to EVs and Hybrid models so you aren’t limited on choice.

Both are better for the environment than a non electric vehicle and with some of the highest 0-62 mph scores across the market (the Tesla Model Y zips from 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds), they’re great fun to drive too.

Each has their merits but in the end, it comes down to your personal preference.

Choosing a Hybrid allows you to boost your eco-conscious credentials without making the full leap to an electric vehicle. Great if you want to transition away from fossil fuels towards more renewable energy sources with minimal hassle.

Then there’s the added bonus of cheaper car tax (zero emissions equals zero road tax) and no real change to your refueling routine while reducing your emissions.

If you regularly drive hundreds of miles per day and don’t want to have to calculate charging times when embarking on long journeys (although with 194 miles on a single charge is a win in our book, especially when the average drive is 21 miles), a hybrid ticks a lot of boxes.

On the flipside, if you tend to break up a long journey with a coffee and a snack, waiting a while for your car to charge won’t be an issue and an EV might suit your lifestyle perfectly.

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