Top 5 Most Eco-Conscious ICE Cars

Top 5 most eco conscious ICE cars - Countryside

If you’re not ready to make the switch to an electric car yet, that doesn’t mean you’re not able to do your bit to help the planet.

EVs may be the best option for reducing carbon emissions but there are ICE (internal combustion engine) cars out there that are much better for the environment than others.

The good news is that the more eco-conscious cars also tend to be the ones that are most economical to run because CO2 emissions tend to go hand in hand with better fuel economy and often better tax rates.

So the environment wins and so do you.

We’ve picked out the 5 most eco-conscious ICE cars.

Here are your best options:

DS 3

DS 3

With a fuel economy of 65.7mpg and CO2 emissions of 100g/km, the DS 3 is a great little car for someone looking to not only save money but also help the planet.

It’s a cheap car to lease, but is stylish and powerful enough to feel like a much more expensive vehicle.

This is helped by the PureTech engine, which gives it the feel of a sporty little motor that’s ideal for city driving as well as the added benefit of sleek interiors and exteriors.

Audi A1

Not all low emission cars need to be on the cheaper end of the budget either.

Most impressively, the Audi A1 has a fuel economy of 58.9mpg with emissions of just 108g/km, meaning that you’ll notice the environmental benefits in your wallet.

Plus, because it’s an Audi, you’ll look stylish while driving it too, with the interior being something you’ll want to show off.

Ford Focus Estate

Ford Focus

Low emission cars aren’t all little city run-arounds either.

This Ford Focus estate shows that family ICE cars can also play their part in improving our air quality, with CO2 emissions of 96g/km, lower than both the Citroen and Audi options above.

All of this with the boot size of an estate meaning that you can pack whatever luggage and/or dogs you need with you on your staycation with a fuel economy of 78.5mpg helping you get there without too many petrol stops.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

You might think that someone buying a Mercedes-Benz wouldn’t need to worry about fuel economy, but the A-Class range comes with a rate of 68.9mpg which is impressive, as are the environmental credentials with emissions of 108g/km.

Needless to say it’s a car that offers top of the range everything, from colour-changing air vents to voice-controlled Sat Nav and a big digital display.

Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai

The Qashqai is ever-popular with families as an affordable SUV and that’s good news for the environment thanks to its low emissions of 100g/km.

With a fuel economy of 74.3mpg, it’s also good news for the family bank account and because it’s an SUV, there’s plenty of room in the interior and the boot for eco-conscious adventures.

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