Pre-loved cars – keeping you going while you wait

If you need a car now but your EV isn’t going to arrive for a while, you could pick one of our used cars to get around in while you wait. To make it easy for you, we’ll take the used car away as we deliver your new electric car to you.

How does it work?

It’s effectively a short-term lease on the used car that ends when your electric car arrives. Once you’ve ordered your electric car, you then order the used car and we’ll connect everything up in the background so there’s nothing else for you to do. As you’re placing two orders we will need to run two credit checks, so you’ll see these on your credit record.

How quickly could I get a used car?

That’s the great thing about these cars – they’re in stock now and can be delivered within a couple of weeks.

Why are some of the delivery times longer than a few months?

Thanks to a global semi-conductor shortage, there are a lot less new cars being made than usual. We work directly with all manufacturers to make sure that our orders are progressed as a priority but delivery times are longer for everyone.

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