Sophie Knight, Consumer Editor, @sophieknightcars

Audi A4 Saloon Review

The Audi A4 Saloon is a compact executive car, with an exquisite interior - however, you might find yourself a little bored with the exterior looks. It barely looks any different to the previous version, but why try to change a winning formula - and the A4 continues to be popular.

In a crowded corner of the market, this car is a strong competitor against the likes of the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class Saloon, and even Jaguar XE and Lexus IS Saloon.

This model is key to company car buyers, which is why this new version is 24% more efficient than its predecessor, despite the engines performing with 25% more power.

There is a wide range of engines to choose from, a highlight being the 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel, generating 150hp but emitting just 99g/km of CO2, and claiming an average fuel economy of over 74mpg. You’re unlikely to hit this in real-world figures, but you can probably expect about 60mpg.

There are four trim levels to choose from - SE, Sport, S Line, and S4 - but they all come well equipped as standard, with 17-inch wheels for even entry-level models. The interior of the A4 still beats the competition out of the park, with the same high-quality materials we come to expect of the brand, setting a benchmark for design, fit, and finish.

The new version of the A4 is sharper to drive than before, and you can benefit from adaptive dampers and quattro four-wheel-drive if you wish - the latter making the car seriously capable in the corners. The BMW 3 Series might still offer more feedback from the steering, but it’s a vast improvement on the previous model. It’s very pleasant to drive, with little bodyroll, although you probably wouldn’t call it exciting.


For most drivers, the Audi A4 will be a real benchmark, easy to choose above the BMW or C-Class. It’s a difficult choice between the three class-leaders, but the A4 manages to charm through its reliability and familiarity. It might not offer the most refined or exciting drive, but if you’re after a trustworthy company car then thrills and spills won’t be top of your list of requirements anyway. There’s no denying the strength of this car and its wonderful interior, which is bound to satisfy.

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