Top Five Cars with Amazing Audio Features

Top Five Cars you Can Rock Out In

Here's your guide to the five cars with the best sound systems for blasting your tunes in. Whether you're a sucker for a love ballad or enjoy head-banging rock, you're sure to get the party started in one of these rides. We also asked the ZenAuto team for their favourite 90s albums to rock out to on the way to work – check them out below...

Cupra Leon Estate VZ2

Cupra Leon Estate lease deals

The Cupra Leon Estate has sweet standard audio for any music lover. With 7 speakers, it’s easy to blast out your favourite radio station on the way to work. It also has full link smartphone integration, so you can have your road trip playlist on for a long slog on the motorway.

Stacy Thomas our Senior Customer Services Exec says: ‘Destiny's Child Writing on the Wall (1999), the music was different to anything I had heard before. My best friend and I even made parodies of some of the songs to fit our friendship.’

Plenty of songs mention dreaming of the future and what it looks like.

You’ll also have peace of mind that you’re in for a safe ride. With high grip levels and safety features including lane and park assist, you have full awareness of what’s going on around you.

Why Get a Cupra Leon Estate PCH Lease Deal?

  • A secure, safe drive
  • Generous amount of space for all your friends
  • All the estate practicality without compromising on the looks


BMW 128ti

BMW 128ti lease 

This BMW includes the option to get the Harman/Kardon Surround Audio System, which is a great chance to feel like you’re at a live concert in your own car. 16 speakers and 2 subwoofers placed throughout the interior ensure everyone has a front row seat..

Andrea Olsen our Supplier Performance Manager says: ‘Massive Attack – Blue Lines (1991). This continues to be the soundtrack to my life and has been played at full volume in every car I’ve ever had! ♥’

The smart thing about this car is it sends power to the front wheels to maximise room for passengers. With 380 litres boot storage (1200 if the rear seats are folded), you have bags of space to fit all your camping gear in for the annual trip to your favourite music festival!

When catchy upbeat tracks are playing, it’s nice to have a fun drive to match. In this car, you can go from 0-62mph in 6.1s, so whipping along country roads is extremely easy. Plus, there’s an easy-to-use infotainment system – with physical buttons and dials, you won’t accidently turn your song off right at the best part when you’re trying to turn up the heating. It’s also comfortable over bumps and reduces noise from outside so you can listen to your music without being interrupted by the wind on the motorway.

The BMW 128ti also has some great safety features to keep your mind at ease. As well as receiving a 5-star rating on the Euro NCAP crash test, there’s the optional 4-wheel drive for extra grip, plus features including lane departure warning and cruise control.

Why You’ll Love the BMW 128ti

  • Safety conscious
  • Enough space for your travel gear!
  • Comfortable and fun drive on the country lanes


Audi A4 S Line

Audi A4 S-Line lease

This Audi A4 offers the Bang & Olufsen 3D sound upgrade, just what you want to make you feel like there’s a disco in your car! Between the 16 speakers, 705W amplifier, and 3D sound, you’re able to hear the full effect no matter where you sit.

Eryn Allat, one of our Purchasing Execs says: ‘One of my dad’s favourite songs was ‘All the Small Things’ by Blink-182 Enema of the State (1999). Whenever I hear it, it makes me think of him and how we used to sing it together in the car when we went camping with family.’

With a 5-star rating on NCAP, plenty of grip and 30 driver assistance systems, you’re sure to feel secure in this car!

This is also a great car for the family. With the rear accommodating two 6-footers, everyone will feel comfortable – no matter how old the kids might be. Family trips will be a doddle, with cupholders, deep pockets on rear doors, as well as 460 litres boot space, there’s plenty of room to store luggage, iPads, phones, snacks and drinks.

If you’ve got your relaxing playlist on for your drive home from work, you’ll likely want to have a calm, chilled ride to unwind from the stress of the day. This car delivers by having light steering for parking and it’s comfy over rough surfaces.

Why choose the Audi A4?

  • Safety features galore
  • Perfect for all the family
  • Comfy drive for that long commute


VW Up!

Volkswagen Up lease 

This Volkswagen Up offers the Beats add on – with 6 speakers, an 8-channel amplifier, a subwoofer, and 300W output, this is a great choice if you want to feel the bass riff of your favourite heavy metal song in your tummy. 

Steve Potts our Senior Customer Care Exec says: ‘Come on Over by Shania Twain (1997). "You're Still the One" was the first dance at my wedding 20 years ago and remains our song.’

This car may be smaller and cheaper, but it’s still high-quality. For some people, a car is a means to an end, so this car is ideal with simple minimalist looks, but also has a 5-inch colour screen with smartphone navigation and cradle, to ensure you can get wherever you need to be and blare your favourite tunes.

With quick steering and forgiving suspension, this is a perfect car for enjoying a city break. You’re able to drive comfortably over bumps and potholes whilst winding through narrow streets.

Despite its small size, it makes the most of the space it does have. The large door pockets and a spread of cubby holes are perfect for all your travelling needs. Plus, with a 71-degree angle for the driver’s door, it allows ease of access for anyone struggling with mobility.

Reasons to Lease the VW Up!

  • Value for money
  • A great car for nipping about town
  • Good space and mobility for all drivers


Lexus RX

Lexus RX lease

A brilliant option with the Along with the loudspeakers and 12 channel amplifiers, an auto volume system is included, so if you’re like me and have Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell lined up directly after Your Song by Elton John, your ears won’t get blown off.

Jordan Hodson our Social Media Manager says: ‘1991's Use Your Illusions I and II by Guns ‘N Roses. I was in awe as a kid. It felt like a song of epic proportions that hadn’t been achieved before. Fast forward 32 years and in many ways it still does.

You’ll look sharp in this car. With a sunroof and soft touch leather, this Lexus is 100 percent luxurious. You will impress all your friends and then brag about how high tech it is with the e-latch system, which will automatically open with the touch of your fingertips.

In the 90s, focus started to really shift towards conserving the planet. John Denver even released an album called Earth Songs (1990). With this hybrid, you can keep moving to the future he saw – you can travel 40 miles on electric power alone!

The design of this car is based on the Japanese idea of Tazuna (‘reins of a horse’). This means that it’s designed to have direct and intuitive control for the driver. With highly sensitive brakes and a plethora of safety systems, this car undoubtedly embodies this idea. There have been very few recalls in the UK over the last decade, which should prove just how much of a tank this SUV is!

Benefits of the Lexus RX

  • Cool design
  • Safety at the forefront
  • High tech to wow your pals

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