Optional Extras or Must-Haves: What to Consider for Your New Car

ZenAuto offers a wide variety of optional vehicle extras online

If you’re on the lookout for a brand-new car, it’s one thing to settle on your chosen make and model. That’s the easy bit. But choosing from all the possible car add-ons, features and optional extras? That’s what can take your driving experience to the next level.

And that’s a difficult decision.

Some options on a car features list are must-haves. Others might be cool car add ons. And a few are “come on – really?” Of course, one of the beauties of leasing from us is that the choice is yours and yours alone. We spec up your car, your way. Just pick your car addons as you place your order online and we’ll sort it.

The top 10 car extras to make your car, yours

Here's a list of the optional car extras our customers pick when they build their lease:

  1. Adaptive cruise control

We all know what cruise control is (pssst, it keeps you moving at the same speed without needing you to touch the accelerator pedal), well this little optional extra is even better, and safer – it slows you down if the car in front slows down. It’s the crème de la crème of vehicle add ons.

Available on: CitroenSkodaVolvo and more

  1. High-beam assist

Using your high beam on country roads is a must when it’s dark and there’s no one ahead of you. Avoid the frantic panic to switch them off when you see a car coming towards you by opting for ‘high beam assist’. It looks out for bright lights and either turns your high beam off or points it away from the oncoming car.

  1. Rain detector

Top Ten Optional Car Extras - Rain Detector for Cars

It’s the UK, it rains, a lot. And there’s nothing as frustrating than constantly having to readjust your wiper settings when the weather ambles between torrential downpour and drizzly nothingness. You know the sort of we’re talking about. Fine rain. Soaks through. Picking automatic wipers from your list of optional extras cuts that out of the equation.

A little ray of sunshine on a rainy day even.

Available on: AbarthAlfa RomeoSeat and more

  1. Tyre pressure warning

A nice little bonus that everyone gets, a warning light on your dash to give you the heads up that you might want to stop at a petrol station and check your pressure.

  1. Lane assist

Sometimes it’s a gently vibrating steering wheel, sometimes it’s the car pulling itself back on track. Lane assist can help stop the worst from happening by helping you stay in your lane by using tech to spot when you’re veering over a white line without indicating.

  1. Keyless entry and start

Top Ten Optional Car Extras - Keyless Car Entry System

It’s more than just starting the engine with a push of a button. Keyless entry opens the doors for you as you walk to the car to save you rummaging in bags and pockets before you can get on your way. Have kids? You’ll really love this optional car extra.

  1. Memory seats

Sharing your car with someone that isn’t as tall/small as you? Go for a car with memory seats and you won’t need to remember which lever goes up/down or front/back, the seat will go back to exactly as you like it, at the touch of a button.

  1. Heated windscreen

On a frosty morning you could scrape and spray your windscreen to clear the ice. If you have a heated windscreen, you just need to push a button to clear the windscreen in seconds just as if it was misty.

  1. Smart phone integration (Apple Car Play/Android Auto)

Your smartphone, on your dash (but safer). Have your Whatsapp messages read to you, pick up your latest playlist exactly where you left off or keep track of your journey with your favourite navigation app.

  1. Power tailgate

Really handy on larger cars or SUVs where boot lids can be a little heavy, this lets you open the boot with the touch of a button or the wave of a foot.

Of course, if you don’t know what’s what with the myriad of optional car extras available as part of your lease, give us a ring. Tom and the team are here to help make sure the car you lease from us is exactly what you need it to be. Right down to the very last detail.

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