The Best Lease Cars for Summer

Woman Driving a Summer Lease Car

Fancy a new ride for summer? We’ve shortlisted the best lease cars for a summer adventure, come rain or shine. With manageable monthly payments, flexible lease terms and just £99 upfront to secure your wheels, getting a hot new ride couldn’t be easier. *

For the camping trip

Your ride of choice is essential for a stress-free camping trip. For starters, you’re going to need a decent boot to fit all your camping gear in (or a moving van if you’re anything like the recent Glastonbury festival goer). Practicality is another big one for UK camping; you need a car that won’t get stuck in the mud as you leave the boggy campsite at the end of your stay. It also helps if the car is a direct descendent of the infamous VW campers…

VW ID. Buzz lease deals

Summer Lease Car - VW ID Buzz

The ID. Buzz is a breath of fresh air in the family car scene, making it perfectly placed for a camping holiday. It’s fun, different and full of character. You’re going to need a cheery, feel-good playlist to match the vibes of this ride!

Let’s talk space first. With 1121 litres of boot space, you’ll have more than enough room for all your camping bits, and then some. When it comes to the best cars for camping, they don’t get much better than this! You can even opt for the higher spec model with a removable central bin that comes with an integrated ice scraper and bottle opener. Winter camping trip anyone?

Before you ditch the home comforts for a pot noodle and a portaloo, the whole family can enjoy a luxuriously comfy road trip. Backseat passengers will get reclinable seats, fold out tables and charging ports in their doors. Upfront, the ID. Buzz is light and easy to manoeuvre promising a chilled driving experience.

From our perspective, the ID. Buzz is one of the best family cars for camping. Ready to bring your camping A game? Build your VW ID. Buzz lease today.

For the long road trip

What are the road trip essentials? Other than the snacks, a cracking playlist and some comfy clothes, the right car is a necessity for those feel-good vibes. If you travel a lot to see family or appreciate a good staycation, you need a smooth ride to get you through those miles.

Nissan Qashqai lease deals

Nissan Qashqai Summer Lease Deals

You’ve probably seen your fair share of Qashqai’s on the road by now and if you haven’t, where have you been? It’s a key player in the family car market thanks to all the tech, practicality, and style rolled into a reasonable price.

But we’re loving the Qashqai for a completely different reason – the driving experience. No, it’s not sporty or particularly fun to drive, but it is seamless and comfortable on the UK’s bumpy roads which is a huge win in our eyes. The Qashqai has been specifically engineered to cope with the UK’s roads, meaning your 250-mile round trip to Scotland is actually enjoyable. It’s also pretty quiet on the roads, which is a game changer when you’re covering such a big distance.

But it’s not just for those summer getaways, the impressive visibility and light steering make it an enjoyable day-to-day ride. The back doors open unusually wide making bundling your 2-year-old into their car seat on the nursery pick up a bit easier. On the topic of kids, you’ll also love how buggy friendly the boot is – did we mention it’s easy to wipe clean?

The Qashqai is the perfect family car, however big the journey is. Get driving a Qashqai for the ultimate road trip experience.

For those summer evenings

Light summer nights just scream “take your sporty little convertible out for a drive along the country roads”. It’s a great date night activity if you’re ever stuck for ideas – picnic under the stars anyone?

Now, just to sort a minor detail… getting your hands on the sporty little convertible. Great news! It couldn’t be simpler when you Zen it – order your dream car from the comfort of your sofa and we’ll even deliver it straight to your door for free!

Lease a Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX-5 Summer Lease Deals

The Mazda MX-5 has made quite a name for itself over the years, so much so that it’s the world’s bestselling roadster. Here’s why we LOVE the latest MX-5…

It’s incredibly fun to drive, especially on the twisting country roads. The fourth generation MX-5 might not be the fastest ride out there but that’s not the attraction here; it’s the way the MX-5 steers and corners that makes it such a joy to drive. If you’re someone who wants a real driving experience when they get behind the wheel – rather than just four wheels to get you from A to B – the MX-5 is for you.

Once you’re done testing out the country lanes just park up at your date night spot, pop the top down (if it’s not already) and enjoy a summer’s evening!

But this hot ride isn’t just a toy for summer adventures! It’s everyday usability and reliability mean you can have fun all year round in a Mazda MX-5 lease. Order yours today and get planning your first summer drive.

Whichever car you choose for your summer adventures, give yourself peace of mind and roll the maintenance package into your monthly payments. Spread the cost and make it easier to budget for the fun things in life. Because who wants a hefty MOT bill just before their summer hols?


*When you order a ZenAuto lease car, you’ll pay a £99 processing for new cars and a £199 processing fee for used cars.

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