Tesla Model 3 - Sentry Mode Explained

Tesla Model 3

Teslas are becoming an ever more common sight on our roads. As well as being incredibly cool, Teslas are so popular because of the amazing innovative technology they offer, always pushing the boundaries of what we can expect from modern cars.

A great example of this is Sentry Mode in its Model 3 range. If Sentry Mode sounds like something Batman would have on his Batmobile to protect it from bad guys while he’s off fighting the Joker… that’s because that is basically what it is.

What is Tesla Sentry Mode

Red Tesla Parked

Of course, your Model 3 won’t react quite as aggressively towards potential enemies as the Batmobile but it’s a feature that lets you monitor any suspicious activity around your Tesla while it’s parked in specified locations.

Having security cameras in and around our homes is now normal thanks to the popularity of Ring cameras and doorbells, so it’s no surprise that manufacturers like Tesla are bringing that kind of technology to their EVs.

How does Sentry Mode work

When it’s activated via voice command or through your app, Sentry Mode continuously monitors the environment around your car through the external cameras.

There are levels of potential threat that it can identify, starting out at something like someone leaning on your car. If that happens, it can switch from ‘Standby’ to ‘Alert’, with a message on the touchscreen warning that the cameras are recording.

If the threat is more sinister and someone is trying to break in by smashing a window, the car’s reaction is louder. It’ll switch to ‘Alarm’ mode, activating the car alarm, making the display much brighter and playing music from your audio system at full volume. You’ll also receive an alert from your Tesla app telling you that there’s been an incident detected.

You may be wondering how to view Sentry Mode events. It’s a Tesla, so obviously it has a super clever and useful way of doing this. The video recording of the incident will be available for download to a USB stick and captures the 10 minutes up to the triggering moment, which will come in handy to the police afterwards.

Sentry mode pros and cons

Tesla Interior

Sentry Mode was introduced to Teslas in 2017 as a reaction to statistics in the USA from 2016 that revealed that someone tried to break into or steal a car every 40.8 seconds. Let’s weigh up the pros and cons, so you can make your own mind up…

The pros

  • Built in security system for that extra peace of mind
  • Easier to build an insurance claim with proof leading up to and during the event
  • May deter thieves if they’re aware of the system

The cons

  • The cameras don’t just capture people trying to steal your car, they also record lots of other footage of people or cars that aren’t actually doing anything wrong
  • Battery usage may be a concern as Sentry Mode uses around 1% of charge for every 2-3 of usage

However, any potential extra costs in battery usage are much lower than the price of replacing or repairing a damaged Tesla, making Sentry Mode a very tempting addition to your security options.

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