We’re Sponsoring the Maggie’s Orange Ball 2022

Maggie's Orange Ball 2022

We’re proud to be one of the sponsors at this year’s Maggie’s Orange Ball. It’s such an honour to be able to raise funds for the wonderful cancer support charity based in the grounds of St James’s University Hospital in Leeds. 

More on Maggie’s

Maggie's Office

Maggie’s Yorkshire is just one of 24 UK centres helping to support people with cancer and their family and friends. Although an independent charity, the centres are based beside major cancer hospitals across the UK. Maggie’s also has an international reach with three centres across Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Kalida Barcelona.

Back in 1996 the first Maggie’s opened in Edinburgh. The founder, Maggie Keswick Jencks, bravely used her own experience of cancer to create a whole new type of cancer care. Cancer care that really cares.

If you’d like to read Maggie’s inspiring story you can find it on the Maggie’s site.

The centre offers free support, practical advice, and a place to go where you can chat to others going through the same thing. Anyone with cancer or those close to them can access the psychologists and benefits advisors along with exercise groups, nutrition advice and much, much more.

The wonderful people at Maggie’s are there for everyone, no matter what cancer or stage – for as long as they’re needed. You don’t even need an appointment or referral!

As well as the workshops, courses, one-to-one and group support, Maggie’s also offers a friendly space to disconnect and relax. Designed by some of the best architects in the world, the centres are a warm and welcoming space, far from the feel and look of a hospital.

An inspiring centre visitor, Rebecca, talks about her experience at Maggie’s Yorkshire over on the Maggie’s YouTube channel. You can read Rebecca’s full story to get a feel of the life changing impact Maggie’s has.

The Maggie’s Orange Ball

Maggie's Ball

The annual ball is a fantastic opportunity to raise the much-needed funds to keep Maggie’s Yorkshire open and the services available for all who are affected by cancer be it a patient, those close to them or those grieving.

Last year the ball raised a whopping £80,000. And we’re so excited to be a part of the fundraising once again, to see how much of a difference we can make!

A note from our CEO – why Maggie’s is so close to our hearts

Maggie's team next to the ZenAuto car

I'm John Tracy, the CEO here at ZenAuto. I wanted to share a few thoughts about why Maggie’s Centre in Leeds is a special and important place in our community. If you haven’t visited Maggie’s, you need to go. 

We often think of the incredibly difficult side of living with a cancer diagnosis. And rightly so. It can be devastating for individuals and their families. 

That’s what makes Maggie’s so important. It’s a bright light for the folks that are fortunate enough to spend time there.

I absolutely love the message on the Maggie’s Yorkshire site that just sums it up so perfectly – ‘Maggie's idea was that with the right support, nobody would lose the joy living in the fear of dying when diagnosed with cancer’.

I have now visited Maggie’s several times. It is a light, beautiful and unique space with positive energy flowing through out. It has been a vital source of support for so many individuals and so many families. It’s such an inspiration.

That’s why Maggie’s Yorkshire has such a special and important place in our community. And that is also why ZenAuto is so excited to support Maggie’s. We sponsored the inaugural Tour de Maggie’s from Leeds to Barcelona last spring. It’s also why we’ll proudly be attending our second year at the Maggie’s Ball. 

If you’re inspired by their work, please join us in supporting Maggie’s! You can find out all the ways to donate over on the Maggie’s website. If you or someone you love is affected by cancer, check out the useful guides on their cancer support page or pop into the centre to get some genuine support.

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