How to Boss National Picnic Month

National Picnic Month

Happy National Picnic Month! It might be your first-time hearing about National Picnic Month or maybe you’re a picnic professional who religiously celebrates the month?

Picnics typically require sunshine and dry weather, two things we’ve learnt not to expect much of in the UK.

Luckily for you, we have the solution to celebrating the month – come rain or shine!

Get kitted out

If there’s one absolute essential when picnicking, it’s a waterproof picnic blanket. And our very own Eryn, Customer Services Administrator, knows this all too well:

“When I was younger my dad decided to take our family for a picnic. We had to walk over some stepping-stones that went through the river. Unfortunately, I was too excited to beat my brother to the other side that I dropped the picnic blankets in the river, meaning my dad had to go into the river to get them.

“Let’s just say he wasn’t happy to have wet feet and my family weren’t happy to find out we had to sit on our jackets while we ate, as the grass was wet.”

To avoid a disaster like this, add a good quality waterproof blanket to your picnic kit. Available from various retailers like Halfords, Go Outdoors and John Lewis.

There’ll be no soggy blankets this picnic month!

Sometimes going on a picnic with the family can feel like you’re packing for a whole holiday. Maximise your space with hanging car seat organisers – perfect for storing all the picnic extras like wipes, tissues, and sun cream (or umbrellas).

If you really want to make your life a bit more zen, opt for organisers with a tablet holder to keep the kids entertained on the drive.

Available from various outlets like Etsy and eBay.

Make some naughty nibbles

Some may say that quality time with loved ones is the best bit about a picnic but, here at ZenAuto, we’d say it’s the food. 

Are you a traditional picnic goer like our Graphic Designer, Matt, who’s favourite picnic food is a good scone with cream and jam?

If scones sound like the perfect picnic food, then check out BBC Food’s recipe.

Or you might be more of a savoury sweetheart and love a good scotch egg like Eryn – have a go at this tasty twist on the classic.

Calling all dog owners…

If you really want to smash National Picnic Month, get your dog in on the alfresco dining and treat them to their very own picnic basket toy. Available from various pet sites like Pawshtails and Wags & Whiskers Pet Boutique.

Best cars to fit the gang, the dog, and the whole picnic lot

One of the puzzles of picnicking is fitting everything and everyone in the car. Don’t stress – we’re here to make your life easier with one of our picnic friendly lease cars!

Here’s our leasing top picks:

Tesla Model Y

The 5-seater Model Y offers a very roomy, family friendly option.

With 854 litres of boot space, extra room in the rear thanks to the flat floor and additional storage under the bonnet you’re sure to fit all you need for your picnic day.

It’s best to be prepared for all weather. That’s why the Model Y is our ultimate picnic car as you can comfortably eat your picnic inside if you find yourself caught in the rain.

Keep the kids entertained and watch Netflix on the 15-inch touchscreen – picnicking in the car is sounding more and more appealing.

Hyundai Santa Fe Estate

Do you have a few more cubs in your pack? The Hyundai Santa Fe Estate is a large seven-seater family SUV.

The interior is roomy enough for adults to sit comfortably in the front and middle row, but the rear row should be reserved for the kids, the dog or both?! If you’re cubs are all grown up and need that extra space, the middle seats recline and slide back and forth.

If you find you need to take cover and picnic in the car, each passenger has a handy cup holder.

MG5 Electric Estate

Finally, we have the MG5 Electric Estate – the first fully electric estate to be sold in the UK.

This 5-seater is perfect for couples and their four-legged friends. The 464 litres of boot space increases to 1,456 litres with the rear seats folded, meaning there’s more than enough room for all your picnic bits and the dog.

In the MG5 you’re not restricted to picnicking local, go further afield with the impressive 250-mile driving range. With 16-inch alloy wheels and chunky tyres, it can take on the often-uneven country roads for a more rural picnic spot.


Got your eye on the Model Y? Or maybe the estates are looking pretty great?

Our fabulous sales team are on hand to help you choose the right car for your next picnic.

Don’t buy it, Zen it.

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