Meet the Extreme Fast Charging EV Batteries

Extreme Fast Charging EV Batteries Explained - Charge Meter

If there is one thing to get excited about when it comes to the now-inevitable switch to electric vehicles as our main modes of transport, it’s quicker charging times.

We’re all used to filling up our cars at a petrol pump in a minute or two and then not having to think about it again for at least a few weeks and this hasn’t translated to the EV industry. Yet.

Change is coming for fast charge EVs and it’s all thanks to a new type of lithium-ion batteries which have been developed by Israeli company StoreDot and manufactured by Eve Energy in China.

So how fast are we talking?

This new type of battery is able to be fully-charged in just five minutes.

  • Because they would need higher powered EV fast charging stations than we currently use, there’s still some time before that becomes a working reality out on the roads
  • The plan is for batteries to be available by 2025 that can fast charge EVs up to 100 miles in five minutes using existing technology

So if worrying about the issue of charging an EV is holding you back from making the switch, the solution seems to be on its way, according to Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot: “The number one barrier to the adoption of electric vehicles is no longer cost, it is range anxiety.

“You’re either afraid that you’re going to get stuck on the highway or you’re going to need to sit in a charging station for two hours. But if the experience of the driver is exactly like fuelling [a petrol car], this whole anxiety goes away.”

A work in progress

StoreDot is just one of many companies working on trying to solve range anxiety:

  • Elon Musk’s Tesla company are focusing on batteries right now
  • Meanwhile, scientists at Pennsylvania State University found a way to fully-charge batteries in just 10 minutes by heating lithium iron phosphate batteries to 60 degrees Centigrade.
  • Last year Formula E announced that its all-electric race cars will be using new EV fast charging stations from 2022 which can also fully charge within 10 minutes, enabling pit stops to be even quicker

So, while “range anxiety” might not be completely disappearing in the very near future, the signs are clear that the industry is working hard to eliminate it altogether within the next few years to ensure that everyone can switch to EVs for the good of the whole planet.

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