EV Myth Busting

Busting EV myths

You’ve heard the rumours about EVs, now here’s the truth. We’ve created this myth-busting guide to sort the tales from the truth and make leasing an EV simple.

Busting myths makes us feel good, so let’s get started:

Myth #1 - You can only choose from about five models

Like a lot of myths, this one comes from ancient history.

Electric cars may have taken a long time to establish themselves as real players in the market, but every year sees more and more manufacturers adding EVs to their fleet.

Ten years ago you might have had limited options but today you’ve only got to look at the list of electric cars we offer to see brands like Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Citroën, Nissan, Peugeot and many more.

And it’s only going to get bigger.

Myth #2 - You can’t go far in an electric car

This may have been the case in the very early days of electric vehicles but those days are long gone.

The BMW I3 can do 160 miles on a full charge, while Tesla models are generally over the 300 mile mark and pushing for 600 miles.

Smaller cheaper models designed for city driving might have less, but today you can find the EV that suits your driving needs.

Myth #3 - Driving an EV is as exciting as driving a milk float

The humble milk float was definitely an EV pioneer, but things have come on a lot when it comes to handling, acceleration and how fun electric cars are to drive.

The modern electric car can be both fast and exciting. Indeed, some EVs have amongst the quickest 0-60s around because an electric motor generates 100% of its torque straight away.

And with the market expanding so rapidly and so many big players joining it, the quality of the driving experience is only going to keep getting better as they compete for your attention.

Myth #4 - It takes ages to charge

Again, this myth is out of date, because the technology is getting ever more advanced and speeding up the process. The reality is, not many people drive 100 plus miles every time they start the ignition and even fewer can go that distance without factoring in a toilet break.

Home charging kits can take a while to fully charge your car, but this can be done overnight, and you can find rapid chargers at petrol stations and service stations that can fully charge in around an hour.

It’s all about whatever suits your usage but there’s no reason why charging needs to have anything other than a positive impact on your day.

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